Pre-install 분석

Attribute your app's install when it's already installed on the device through a wireless carrier.


많은 모바일 디바이스는 앱을 사전 설치하여 제공되므로 유저가 앱 스토어에서 앱을 다운받아 설치할 필요가 없기 때문에 양질의 사용자 경험을 제공합니다. 그러나 이처럼 광고클릭이 없는 사전 앱 설치(pre-loaded app install)는 어떻게 광고 파트너에게 어트리뷰션 할 수 있을까요?

Branch solves this problem by allowing you to set all of the relevant partner/publisher information in the app itself, which we then collect during the install request on Android only.

작동 방식

  1. You have agreed with a wireless carrier/OEM (ex. AT&T) to pre-install your mobile app on their devices. In this case, the wireless carrier/OEM is the advertising partner.
  2. The ad partner's information is supplied to the app via the Branch SDK.
  3. On the app's first open, the Branch SDK collects the advertiser's information and uses it to attribute the app install and downstream app events (ex. COMPLETE_REGISTRATION) to the partner.
    • Events occurring in the first launch of the app will be attributed back to the partner (even if a Branch Link was clicked before the app was first opened). If there is then a later click, that will become the new most recent last touch, and future events will be attributed to that link click.


Attribution Priority

All Preload Attribution Methods take priority over other attribution sources such as clicks and impressions. Preload Attribution Windows adhere to those set within the Branch Dashboard.

How to view Pre-Install Data in Branch

Regardless of your Pre-Install Analytics Method, Branch will hardcode channel to preinstall.

While in the Ads Analytics section of the Branch Dashboard, filter first for channel=preinstall and continue to segment your data further by adding additional parameters within the compare by.

전제 조건

In order to attribute pre-installs, you need to have completed the following:

  • Implement the Branch Android SDK v4.0.0+


Specific Partner Guides

There are specific partner guides available for Pre-Install attribution. Visit them here:

Default Pre-Install Analytics

By default, the Android SDK will utilize the Google Play Store Install Referrer API to evaluate specific indicators that would require Branch related handling. In terms of preload attribution, we specifically look for the value play-auto-install. This value indicates that the app was pre-installed on the device at the carrier or OEM level and even with a hard reset of the device, the app will still be present.

This play-auto-install value comes in this format: utm_source=play-auto-installs&utm_medium=preload&utm_campaign={Campaign set by advertiser} from the referrer API.

We then map the utm_medium and utm_campaign to ~channel and ~campaign.

Enable Advanced Pre-Install Analytics (Two Options)


Preload Partner Values

When setting pre-loaded partner data, you must use Branch's $3p value for the partner's name and it will override the system props data. Follow our guide on how to find a partner's $3p value.

Option 1 - Set Data in the Pre-Loaded APK

After loading the Branch SDK in the Application class as per the docs here, call the setters to set the data in the APK:

// Branch object initialization
Branch.getInstance().setPreinstallCampaign("My Campaign Name");
Branch.getInstance().setPreinstallPartner("Branch $3p Parameter Value");

Measuring the logs, the request should look like this:

  preinstall_campaign: “My Campaign Name”
  preinstall_partner: “Branch $3p Parameter Value”


앱을 사전 설치하는 여러 파트너

여러 파트너가 모바일 앱을 사전 설치하는 경우 각 파트너 사에 배포하기 위해 앱의 파트너별 빌드를 만들 수 있습니다 (각 빌드에는 특정 파트너마다 다른 파트너 설정이 포함됨). 파트너 별 빌드는 파트너가 원하는 디바이스에 사전 설치하는 것을 뜻합니다.

Option 2 - Read the Pre-Loaded Data from Device

Once the data is set, you need to read the pre-loaded data from the Android System Properties.

  1. Create a JSON file pre_install_apps.branch as follows:
    "apps": {
        "": {
            "preinstall_partner": "Branch $3p Parameter Value",
            "preinstall_campaign": "campaign_to_attribute"
  1. 디바이스 제조사에 요청하여 OS 레벨 파일 시스템에 파일을 추가하십시오.
  2. build.props에서 파일 경로를 아래와 같이 설정합니다.
  3. The SDK checks if the APK has the pre-install data.

Recommended Next Steps