iOS Version History



  • Fix serialization issue



  • workaround server side issue with inconsistent response payload.



  • Add support for LPLinkMetadata on share sheets.
  • Use NSKeyedUnarchiver secureCoding on iOS 12+
  • Update Crashlytics to FIRCrashlytics
  • Rename device_fingerprint_id and identity_id to better reflect function. Fingerprinting was removed long ago.
  • Remove credit related methods. The feature has been deprecated and the supporting services will be decommissioned.





  • Add timeout to Apple attribution token. Some users are reporting the call can hang.





  • Fix podspec AdServices.framework issue. This addresses a crash on launch for older iOS versions.
  • First time opt-in indicator. Reduces load on the server.



  • Check AppTrackingTransparency status. The Branch SDK does not prompt the user, however, it does check what the current ATT authorization status is. This provides more clarity into why IDFA is not authorized.
  • Add support for AdServices.framework and the Apple Attribution Token. For Cocoapods, AdServices.framework is included by default. For other integration options, you should include the AdServices.framework.
  • Reduce default SKAN timeout per FB request.
  • Remove a debug log message to address the security scanner false alarm.



  • Switch to semantic versioning.
  • Add a static xcframework. The pre-built static xcframework is attached to the github release page. Note that tvOS does not support static frameworks.
  • Remove some non-inclusive terms. The method addWhiteListedScheme is now named addAllowedScheme The method setWhiteListedSchemes is now named setAllowedSchemes
  • The method to obtain last attributed touch data now includes an NSError in the completion block.
    • (void)lastAttributedTouchDataWithAttributionWindow:(NSInteger)window completion:(void(^) (BranchLastAttributedTouchData * _Nullable latd, NSError * _Nullable error))completion;
  • Remove old data transfer code. Addresses a potential crash.



  • Remove some non-inclusive terms. The method blackListURLRegex is now named urlPatternsToIgnore.
  • Add API to attach Facebook partner parameters to Branch install, opens and events. See Facebook's documentation on advanced matching for details on valid parameters.
  • Add support for xcframework. Branch.xcframework has replaced Branch.framework. iOS and tvOS are both included in the same xcframework. The pre-built xcframework is attached to the github release page.
  • Carthage integrations require the --use-xcframeworks flag. This feature is not yet in the general carthage release, you will need to install carthage from source.
  • Thread safety improvement to server performance metrics.



  • Enable an App Clip to share data with the Full App This optional feature requires the client to setup an app group and provide the app group id to the Branch SDK.
  • Address security scanner warnings by removing variadic log methods, log to file and programmatic breakpoints. If you are directly using these Branch debug and log features, you will need to update your code.
  • Support SDK configuration via json file. This improves support for platforms such as React Native and Cordova.
  • Reduce SDK network traffic by omitting close calls by default.
  • Log the server request id to help debug request issues.



  • Removed check for install data if tracking is disabled.



  • Removed default inclusion of AdSupport.framework in Cocoapods.
  • Added support for Swift Package Manager.
  • Added Apple SKAdNetwork support,
  • Minimum supported version is now iOS 9+.
  • Xcode 12+ is now required.



  • Added tvOS support
  • Clarified LATD API description
  • Removed CircleCI
  • Corrected error message when disable tracking is enabled.



  • Logging API updates
  • Deeplink handler with UIScene
  • Xcode 11+ is now required. Apple will no longer accept submissions from older versions.



  • Add new method disableAdNetworkCallouts.
  • BranchEvent logEvent with callback.
  • Remove cert pinning.
  • Replace MD5 with SHA256 for caching objects. Prevents security scanner false alarms.
  • Restore previous behavior of always returning on main.



  • Add sharesheet option to override placeholder url. This allows more control over the iOS 13 preview header.
  • Fix a compilation warning.



  • Change type of field cpu_type.



  • Change type of field cpu_type.



  • Fix first run issue with logEvent.



  • Add fields for Tune compatibility.
  • Carrier name, connection type, cpu type.
  • Add fallback for disabled module support. C++ compatibility.
  • BranchEvent safety improvement.
  • Add APIs for plugin support.



  • Hotfix to call FB SDK on the main thread.



  • Update Apple Search Ads behavior and API.
  • Last attributed touch API now accepts attribution window.
  • Add blacklist URL configuration.
  • Removed deprecated Safari cookie integration.
  • Fix race condition in SDK initialization.
  • Fix Carthage Swift build from source.
  • Fix Swift getInstance nullability.
  • Fix object serialization error.



  • Added a check for previous Tune data; when found, data's status is set to "updated" to be used in determining new vs existing users.



  • Fix nullability warnings.



  • Added support for Cross-Platform ID (CPID) & Last Attributed Touch Data (LATD).
  • Fixed a race condition on slow startup.
  • Fixed a rare Keychain deadlock.



  • Remove deprecated UIWebView and replace with WebKit.
  • Add Standard Event customer alias field.
  • Cocoapods adds iAd by default.
  • Remove deprecated Fabric integration.
  • Remove Apple Search Ads debug which is redundant with Apple's existing debug.
  • Collect install receipt.
  • Fix bug with proxying network calls.
  • Fix bug with network retry.



  • Fix a potential crash due to invalid key type



  • Allow short link creation while privacy is enabled.
  • Fix Swift example and cleanup release scripts.



  • New standard events for improved Facebook and Tune.
  • Improve handling of non-branch links while app is in foreground.
  • CircleCI support.
  • Carthage prebuilt binary is now built with Xcode 10 and is no longer compatible with old Xcodes.



  • Improved referral documentation.
  • Disabled certificate pinning by default.

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iOS Version History

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