Android Testing

Enable Logging


Use Test Key

  • Use the Branch test key instead of the live key
  • Add your test key to the AndroidManifest.xml, as described here.
  • Then, to use your test key, add the following before loading Branch (i.e. before calling Branch.getAutoInstance()). Note that if you do not have an Application class and are using BranchApp this method will not work but you can still use the test key by setting testMode=true in the manifest.
  • Remove before releasing to production

Test Your Branch Integration

Test your Branch Integration by calling IntegrationValidator.validate in your MainActivity's onStart(). Check your ADB Logcat to make sure all the SDK Integration tests pass. Make sure to comment out or remove IntegrationValidator.validate in your production build.


Sample Testing Apps

Simulate an Install

To ensure the SDK is setup correctly, you no longer need to simulate an install via the SDK itself. Instead, you can test functionality end to end by completing the following:

앱 인덱싱 검사기

유효성 검사기를 사용하여 앱과 사이트가 앱 인덱싱을 위해 올바르게 설정되었는지 확인하십시오.

App Indexing Validator Tool

연동 상태 도구

Shows the status of your Branch integration. For the best experience, we recommend that you complete all of the steps listed. If a specific platform is not relevant to you, please skip that section.

연동 상태 도구

Recommended Next Steps