Will Branch support PCM or AEM?

PCM (and AEM, Facebook's equivalent solution) are mostly useful for the big walled garden apps that want to attribute app-to-web user conversions for themselves. Branch not directly involved in those on the walled garden's behalf (we are involved sometimes for the advertiser — more below), so we don't believe there's any immediate benefit for Branch to adopt either technology.

To understand this fully, it's important to know that Apple doesn’t consider web activity alone to be in scope for ATT. That means if the advertiser is tracking only their own web activity, and no data derived from a third-party app (i.e., Facebook) is involved to make that happen, ATT does not apply. In this situation (advertiser's Branch link leads directly to advertiser's own website) we don't need to rely on PCM.

The key difference here is that Facebook would be combining data across companies (the advertiser, and themselves) to measure this. However, since a Branch link is acting on behalf of the advertiser (and not sharing that data back to the walled garden), it’s all the same company, all happening in a web context, and not subject to the ATT policy that requires Facebook to use AEM.

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