Why did Branch remove the Organic checkbox from some dashboard pages?

By default, most reports on the Branch dashboard show only attributed data. This makes sense, because if you’re looking at a report for something such as ad campaign performance, you usually want to see only conversions attributed to ad campaigns.

In the past, when the Organic checkbox was checked, the report would show a separate segment for unattributed (or ‘organic’) conversions:


This won’t work as expected after iOS 14.5, because that unattributed segment will also include paid ad conversions that have not yet been completed by the user opting in to ATT:


This means the Organic checkbox simply won’t be useful in as many reports, so we are removing it from some dashboard pages to avoid confusion.

Locations where the Organic checkbox will be removed include:

  • Summary page
    • Journeys tab
    • Quick Links tab
    • Universal Email tab
  • Journeys → Activity tab
  • Email → Activity tab

Locations where the Organic checkbox will still be available include:

  • Summary page
    • All Data tab
    • Universal Ads tab
  • Ads Analytics → Activity tab

Most customers used the Organic checkbox as a way to compare their campaign performance against a non-campaign baseline.

As an alternative, we’ll be adding a new checkbox to dashboard reports called “Show Total App Traffic”. This will display an additional segment in the report for all traffic (both attributed and unattributed), which will provide a similar baseline for performance comparisons.


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