What will happen to reinstall tracking without IDFAs?

At a high-level, Branch's reinstall detection logic works by comparing IDFA and IDFV values:

  • IDFAs were reset only when the user explicitly chose to do so in device settings.
  • IDFVs would reset only when all apps from the same vendor were uninstalled from the device.

Historically, it would be extremely rare for these two values to reset at the same time, making it possible to detect when an app was reinstalled after being previously installed on the same device.

With iOS 14.5, we expect IDFAs to be available far less often, while it will still be possible for IDFVs to reset when all apps from a vendor are uninstalled. The bottom line is that it will be more difficult for Branch to detect REINSTALL events, and some of these are likely to be processed as simple INSTALL events.

Our team is investigating other approaches to increase reinstall detection accuracy in future.

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