What can I do today to prepare my Snap campaigns as I await more tactical campaign updates?

Until ATT frameworks are mandated, there is no disruption or change to your advertising on Snapchat. However, SKAdNetwork support is available as of February 18, and will become a requirement in future to access App Goal Based Bidding for iOS Campaigns on Snapchat.

For Ads with an Install or Deep Link attachment:

  • Ensure you have configured a Snap App ID for each of your apps. Instructions here.
  • Follow the steps in Branch’s SKAdNetwork setup guide and review Snap’s setup guide for SKAdNetwork, which contains useful details on what to expect in Snapchat Ads Manager, and begin testing SKAdNetwork campaigns.
  • For developer app privacy submissions within Apple's App Store Connect, you can review Snap's app privacy details in the business help article here.

For Ads with a Website attachment:

  • The Snap Pixel will continue to be supported for new and existing advertisers, and no configuration changes are needed at this time. While some Pixel features will be adversely impacted post-ATT, Snap still intends for this product to be fully compliant with Apple’s ATT policies.

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