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Try out the Aggregate API using your Branch data via the API Reference here.


The QR Code API is an HTTP API that can be use for creating custom QR Codes programmatically. Every QR Code will contain a unique Branch link which you can deep link and track analytics with.



Access to Branch's QR Code API and SDK requires premium product access. Please reach out to your account manager or to activate.

Create a QR Code


POST /v2/qr-code
Content-Type: application/json

Rate Limits

  • 25 requests per second
  • 100 requests per minute
  • 1000 requests per hour


branchkey (_REQUIRED)StringThe Branch key of the originating app; from your Branch Settings Dashboard
data (Optional)JSONThe dictionary to embed link data behind the QR Code. Accessed as session or install parameters from the SDK. Use the data dictionary for all link control parameters that you'll find here.
Branch analytics parameters (Optional)StringIt's important to tag your links with an organized structure of analytics labels so that the data appears consistent and readable in the dashboard.
qr_code_settingsJSONIf this nor any of the key/value pairs are not present, we will utilize your app defaults. See table below for setting details. Required if you would like to override QR code properties defined on the Branch Dashboard.


code_colorStringHex color value of the QR Code itself.
background_colorStringHex color value of the background of the QR code itself.
marginInteger (Pixels)The number of pixels you want for the margin (minimum: 1px, maximum: 20px).
widthInteger (Pixels)Output size of QR Code image (minimum: 300px, maximum: 2000px). Only applicable to JPEG/PNG.
image_formatStringPNG, JPEG, or JPG.
center_logo_urlString (HTTP URL)URL to the image you want as a center logo, for example: “"

If you're using a JPEG image, the color space should be RGB.
code_patternIntegerInstead of the generic/standard QR-Code pattern we’re used to seeing, customers can now use (1) standard, (2) squares, (3) circles, (4) triangles, (5) diamonds, (6) hexagons, and (7) octagons.
finder_patternIntegerThe finder pattern refers to the shape seen in the top left, top right, and bottom left of a QR-Code. Users can now choose between a (1) square, (2) rounded square, or (3) circle.
finder_pattern_colorStringHex color value of the Finder Pattern, which can be found at:
background_image_urlStringLayer the QR-Code on top a background image.
background_image_opacityIntegerAdjust the opacity percentage of the background image to adjust how visible and prominent it is.
code_pattern_urlStringA direct link to an image, meant to be used as the code-pattern itself on the QR Code.
finder_eye_colorStringHex color value of the finder eye, which can be found at:

Sample Request

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: image/*' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
     "qr_code_settings": {
          "code_pattern": 1,
          "finder_pattern": 1,
          "image_format": "png",
          "center_logo_url": "",
          "width": 300,
          "margin": 1,
          "code_color": "#000000",
          "background_color": "#FFFFFF",
          "finder_pattern_color": "#000000",
          "finder_eye_color": "#000000"
     "branch_key": "key_live_xxxx"


Image Ouput

Note that the output of this cURL requests will be saved in the current directory as the file name indicated at the end of the request e.g. qr_code.png.