Daily Exports


Branch’s Daily Exports pull granular Branch event data directly. You can do so either via the Daily Exports section in your Branch dashboard OR via API directly.

A few important notes:

  • The data will only be retrievable for the last 7 days
  • The data will only appear after end of day since it's processed every 24 hours
  • The data will not be visible prior to your whitelisting date. After you sign up, data will be generated for the next UTC day or the following UTC day.
  • The data will only be visible for your live key (not your test key).
  • Click data related to SANs (e.g. Google Ads) can be found at the campaign level rather than device level.

Data Feeds is a premium solution

The Daily Export API is included in Branch’s Data Feeds offering, which can be purchased according to Branch’s pricing schedule, and is available at no additional charge to customers who are on Launch and Startup plans for Journeys, Universal Email, or Universal Ads.

Without Data Feeds, you can still export Branch data in CSV form directly from the Branch dashboard via Sources or CSV Exports.

Third party access

Any user with access to an account’s API keys will be able to access Branch’s Daily Export API (and thus unfiltered, log-level data). As a result, we would recommend against providing third parties (agencies and ad partners) with the permissions required to view API keys - Sensitive Data and App-Level Settings - during the invitation process.


  • You must have a Data Feeds subscription.
  • Toggle on the Data Export API using the slider on the Data Feeds Manager page.

Access via Branch Dashboard

Rather than accessing the Daily Export API directly, you can use the Daily Exports section in your Branch dashboard to request the appropriate data via CSVs.

CSV Delivery

Any data you export via the dashboard will be included in a CSV attachment in an email. Please ensure your email address is up to date in Account Settings.

To request an export:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under the Setup & Testing section, click Data Import & Export, then click on Exports.
  2. On the Daily Exports page, select the period of time you wish to export data for.
    • Last 1 days
    • Last 3 days
    • Last 7 days
    • Custom
  3. Select the type of events you want to export:
    • Individually by clicking the respective Download arrow
    • En masse by clicking the Export All button.


Upon request, you will receive a confirmation email verifying the details of your request. Once we finish processing your export, you will receive another email that includes as CSV attachment. Please keep in mind larger exports require more processing time.

Access via API

In order to use this API you must have an App ID and a Branch Public Key.

You can find your keys in your Account Settings.

Base URL:


Query Parameters

branch_key required
: The Branch key of the originating app

branch_secret required
: The Branch secret key of the originating app

export_date required
: The UTC date of the requested data export

Example request:

curl -X POST api2.branch.io/v3/export -H 'content-type:application/json' -d '{"branch_key":"key_live_gcASshuadd7l39m36NhdsDPWRjmkdcgh12jsg1", "branch_secret": "secret_live_ztPsdKIjUtcjkUYF732nsl81HJ75BJqiv24J86", "export_date": "2017-10-01"}'

Windows Command Prompt Formatting

Please note that if you are trying to run this curl command in Command Prompt on a machine running Windows, you will need to change ' to " and escape the " in curly brackets with a \. Here is a final example: curl -X POST api2.branch.io/v3/export -H "content-type:application/json" -d "{\"branch_key\":\"key_live_gcASshuadd7l39m36NhdsDPWRjmkdcgh12jsg1\", \"branch_secret\": \"secret_live_ztPsdKIjUtcjkUYF732nsl81HJ75BJqiv24J86\", \"export_date\": \"2017-10-01\"}"


The response payload will be in JSON format and for each export it will have an array of paths to files on S3 to download. Note that there may be multiple files (depending on the size of the day's export) and that each csv file will be gzipped.

  "eo_branch_cta_view": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_branch_cta_view-v2-e458d6183650e6401ca017e673d23885abdf9250378ffce377f318a38e4f0017-u6mGkx.csv.gz"],
  "eo_click":[ "https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_click-v2-bbe7351be61c8797c1d80437dffcaa493a495e24a04c25b9131c9c042450319a-7bWLZr.csv.gz"],
  "eo_commerce_event": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_commerce_event-v2-05f56947e843a51d785b8a03a615dfe0dccfda1abd3efad1010d5fae8b2fc19c-oiZ38C.csv.gz"],
  "eo_custom_event": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_custom_event-v2-09fd3f0ff086364a2dc0155118a1b120a2837fd3c56ab250062bcb8f46ab731c-FHgAt3.csv.gz"],
  "eo_install": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_install-v2-9db98c07dccd3d8c8a26a7fec1f1596bb5cdb526eb7dc633f6470a5e75566b33-zdHNVt.csv.gz"],
  "eo_open": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_open-v2-9fafa230fa9f3b0fcef5d00f6bcfae990131d1fcbf497625ee504847c30530b8-3hvp1O.csv.gz"],
  "eo_pageview": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_pageview-v2-9166aaea1e6c46fcf0a48d5a32c02c6b8272d3edb10c332db2ebc0cbb34d58c0-neWTEO.csv.gz"],
  "eo_reinstall": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_reinstall-v2-b4188abf0635915c56be670ad988eab889f084b7d2109e3225a6974a80e2781f-htV3uL.csv.gz"],
  "eo_sms_sent": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_sms_sent-v2-32ebf2131e1538fc180e27df8e5e5fbe8ea89ff5e971811056c449095f35e651-5xay42.csv.gz"],
  "eo_web_session_start": ["https://branch-exports.s3.amazonaws.com/271025641725777235-2017-10-01-eo_web_session_start-v2-056d25078e665dab3d78d1eb00336ad27087da5593ba1003f8ad8923dfce31a0-06wAW2.csv.gz"]

All exports via Data Feeds are powered by Branch's People-Based Attribution. For an exhaustive list of events included in these exports and more detailed definitions of each event, please see the Event Ontology Data Schema.


A full day's files will be available on our S3 bucket at that location to download around 7:00pm UTC. It will return a blank array from S3 for any empty files until the UTC day is over and the data has been transfered to S3, therefore it is recommended you schedule any ETLs to fetch the data for the previous day around 7:00pm UTC (12pm PST).

IP Discrepancies

Geographic data, such as country and city, may not be available for a very small percentage of events where the IP cannot be resolved to a location.


Time Limits

Data will be available through the API only for 7 days after the date it's posted. If you need a record of your data for longer than 7 days, please set up a recurring export and store data in your systems.

Exporting beyond 7 days

In accordance with our internal policies related to GDPR and other data protection laws, we hash many fields, including IP address and advertising identifiers, after 7 days. This means that if you want to export data beyond 7 days, either via the Dashboard's CSV Exports or by requesting a manual data dump, these fields will no longer contain the original values. For this reason, we highly recommend you always export raw data within 7 days.

Manual Data Dump

Due to the resources required to complete a manual data dump, this service is available to Branch Enterprise tier clients only.

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Daily Exports

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