TUNE Aggregate Exports & API



For ex-TUNE Clients Only

This feature is currently only available for ex-TUNE clients and replicates the TUNE endpoints available via

The Branch Aggregate Exports find and queue aggregate data that match your search criteria for export. Unlike the Custom Exports which contains individual logs for each attribution related to your mobile app, the Aggregate Exports include customizable visualizations of your data of interest.


Data Changes Post iOS 14.5

Apple requires users to opt into sharing their device data through Apple's AppTrackingTransparency framework. When an install is attributed to paid ads, a 2nd install event will fire post user opt-in

Opt-ins will affect your final install count. Our recommendation is to delay pulling aggregate data for as long as you are allowing opt-ins.

For additional information on changes post iOS 14.5, visit our FAQ Pages


Calls to the Aggregate Export API require an api_key query string parameter to be passed with each request. API Keys are generated on a per-user basis and are permanent.

Learn how to retrieve your API key (a.k.a. Access Token)


Organization Level Access Required

In order to retrieve or reset your API Key/Access Token, you must have access to the Organization level of the account. This functionality is not present at the app level.

Rate & Data Limits

Rate Limits

Rate limits depend on the endpoint you are making a request to.

For creating and checking the status of exports, the rate limit is:

  • 2 requests per second
  • 10 requests per minute
  • 1000 per hour

Data Limits

  • Limited to a maximum of 5k rows on the synchronous endpoint
  • Limited to a maximum of 10k rows on the asynchronous endpoint
  • Can query up to 180 days prior to the date of export.
    • If more records are required, please make multiple requests with smaller time intervals to pull the necessary data in "batches".
  • Can only retrieve up to 40,000 unique values for a single dimension (e.g. campaigns, ad names, etc.)

Date range limits

  • For data older than 7 days, all data is rolled up by day, according to your app's timezone. For the most recent 7 days, it is possible to query intra-day data.

Export Access

In order to access Aggregate Exports, a user will need to have both Aggregate Data andExport access.


For more details on how to give a user the required access, please read Default Access Levels, Users Roles & Permissions.

Third Party Access

Any user with access to an account’s API keys will be able to access Branch’s Custom Export API (and thus unfiltered, log-level data). As a result, we would recommend against providing third parties with the permissions required to view API keys during the invitation process.

Providing Agencies/Partners API Access

If you work with an agency that runs your advertising campaigns and want to give them access to export the subsequent data, you can provide them with access to the Custom Export API.

To provide an agency team member with access to the Custom Export API:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under Setup & Testing, click on Account Settings.
  2. On the Account Settings page, click on the Agencies tab.
  3. Expand the agency in question, find the agency team member you want to give access to, hover on the button in the Actions column and click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Agency Team Member modal:
    1. Under Access Level, check the Export box.
    2. Under Permissions, check the Aggregate Data box.
  5. Optional: add data filters
    1. Under Data Filters, toggle any necessary data filters on/blue. Exported data will be filtered accordingly.
  6. Click Save.


Agency-Tagged Data

If you do not enable the Only Show Agency-Tagged Data data filter, the Agency Team Member will be able to export aggregate data associated with all of your campaigns, regardless if they are associated with them or not.

Available Topics to Export

The following log topics are available via the Aggregate Export API:

  • Clicks
  • Events
  • Impressions
  • Installs
  • Opens
  • Revenue USD



Branch does not support exports of the infrequently-used update and postbacks TUNE topics.


IP Discrepancies

Geographic data, such as country and city, may not be available for a very small percentage of events where the IP cannot be resolved to a location.

Available Fields

Tune FieldTUNE Human Readable
ad_network_idAd Network ID
ad_network.nameAd Network Name
advertiser_idAdvertiser ID
advertiser.nameAdvertiser Name
advertiser_sub_ad.nameMy Ad Name
advertiser_sub_ad.refMy Ad Ref
advertiser_sub_adgroup.nameMy AdGroup Name
advertiser_sub_adgroup.refMy AdGroup Ref
advertiser_sub_campaign.nameMy Campaign Name
advertiser_sub_campaign.refMy Campaign Ref
advertiser_sub_keyword.nameMy Keyword Name
advertiser_sub_keyword.refMy Keyword Ref
advertiser_sub_placement.nameMy Placement Name
advertiser_sub_placement.refMy Placement Ref
advertiser_sub_publisher.nameMy Publisher Name
advertiser_sub_publisher.refMy Publisher Ref
advertiser_sub_site.nameMy Site Name
advertiser_sub_site.refMy Site Ref
country.codeCountry Code
device_typeDevice Type
publisher_sub_ad.namePublisher Sub Ad Name
publisher_sub_ad.refPublisher Sub Ad Ref`Publisher Sub AdGroup Name
publisher_sub_adgroup.refPublisher Sub AdGroup Ref`Publisher Sub Campaign Name
publisher_sub_campaign.refPublisher Sub Campaign Ref
publisher_sub_keyword.namePublisher Sub Keyword Name
publisher_sub_placement.namePublisher Sub Placement Name
publisher_sub_publisher.namePublisher Sub Publisher Name
publisher_sub_site.namePublisher Sub Site Name
site_idSite ID
wurfl_device_osDevice OS
wurfl_model_nameModel Name


Discontinued Fields

Some fields have very limited value to our customers and as such have been discontinued. Discontinued fields will not be available via the Custom Export API. Please work with your CSM or our Support team if you have questions or concerns.

Including Fields from Related Data Objects

Related objects no longer use periods ( . ) to access the properties on the object. Rather, field names use underscores ( _ ) only.

For example, will now be exported as site_event_id.

Building the Export Request

Find and queue all records that match search criteria for export; returns a “handle” to be used in the download export request.

Building the Export RequestTypeRequiredDescription
api_keyStringY Your API Key
start_dateDateYThe beginning datetime for the requested results, provided in ISO-8601 format.

Dates without offsets (i.e. a timezone) default to the value provided for the timezone parameter. If the timezone parameter is not specified, the dates timezone defaults to UTC. Date must be within the last 120 days. Example: 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z
end_dateDateYThe end datetime for the requested results, provided in ISO-8601 format.

Dates without offsets (i.e. a timezone) default to the value provided for the timezone parameter. If the timezone parameter is not specified, the dates timezone defaults to UTC. Example: 2016-01-01T23:59:59Z
filterFilterNFilter by fields and boolean operators against fields of the Actuals endpoint. Example: &filter=(mat_id="3bc15517-92d5-4b7f-9837-e9a30d6fb9b8")+AND+("site_event_id"=1844998705)
fieldsComma Separated ListYList of comma-separated fields from the LogInstalls model desired in results. Defaults to display all fields
limit | IntegerYLimit the number of items returned per request. Maximum allowed value is 2 million. If more than 2 million records are required, please make multiple requests with smaller time intervals to pull the data needed in “batches”;
sortSortNFields followed by the direction (asc or desc). Results can be sorted with multiple fields and directions.

Optional parameter
groupArrayNGroup items returned by the field selected.
timestampStringNSet to breakdown stats by timestamp. Choices include: hour, datehour, date, week, month.

Optional parameter.
formatNullable StringNFormat of the response; can be either JSON or CSV. If not selected, defaults to CSV.
response_timezoneTimezoneNTimezone in which result dates are conveyed; defaults to the timezone set in your account.

Sample Export Request[]=opens&fields[]=installs&fields[]=events&fields[]=publisher_sub_adgroup_id&fields[]=publisher_sub_campaign_id&timestamp=date&format=json

Sample Export Response

  "status_code": 200,
  "response_size": "334",
  "throttle": {
    "decision": "Permit",
    "decision_authority": "Endpoint",
    "decision_state": "Always Permit",
    "object_key": "/advertiser/stats/actuals/export",
    "virtual_record": false,
    "next_reset": "N/A",
    "count_remaining": 0,
    "limit": 0,
    "interval": 0
  "data": {
    "job_id": "5a494d8b-e5f9-4561-b71d-5c5ee4ed087d"

Building the Download Export Request

Finds and exports requested queue (by handle) and provides URL location for download.

advertiser_idStringY Your TUNE Advertiser ID
api_keyStringYYour API Key
handleStringYThe ID returned by the log export queue.

Sample Report Status Request

Sample Report Status Response


Sample Download Report

curl ''

Sample Report

    "publisher_sub_campaign_id": "975222707",
    "publisher_sub_adgroup_id": "666119300",
    "installs": 0,
    "opens": 0,
    "events": 0
    "publisher_sub_campaign_id": "0",
    "publisher_sub_adgroup_id": "0",
    "installs": 12,
    "opens": 13,
    "events": 31